Kids Club Program

This FREE program and growth check ensures your child gets braces at the perfect time for their unique mouth 

Don’t spend unnecessary money on orthodontics before your child is truly ready.

One unique thing we offer here at Orthodontic Specialists in St. George is our Kid’s Club program. This is FREE to all families with kids getting ready for braces. With this program it allows us to meet, x-ray and monitor a child as their mouth is growing. With this initial information we can evaluate the best time to begin with braces.  

Dr. Erickson likes to start seeing children at the age of 7 or 8, just before many need to start treatment. The first consultation helps us gauge when treatment might need to begin. Then we schedule a second visit which we call a Growth Check. The Growth Check is about 30 minutes long and will usually be about 6 months to 1 year after their initial exam. 

At the Growth Check appointment, we will take another X-ray and intro oral photo’s so that we can compare what has changed since their initial visit. After the photos and the X-ray are taken, Dr. Erickson will then come in and talk about what the best course of action is at that time.  

For many it is time to “let you be a kid and do some growing” and see you again in 6 months to 1 year. For some it is a good time to start. If it is time to start the braces process, we will schedule that patient for a Scan where we take a 3D scan of their teeth and than 1 week after the Scan we will schedule them to have the braces put on.

And that is our Kids Club Program